[MIDAS NFX] Expert Webinar Random Analysis Webinar 14th May, 2020, 10:00~11:00 AM (London)
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Most of the structural failures experienced on the field can be associated with fatigue phenomenon. These product failures are known to have severe business implications. Prediction of the potential failures in the design stage is highly desirable. One of prominent Fatigue Failure in Structural components are due to the Random Vibrations PSD (Power Spectral Density) analysis, or more commonly known as Random Vibration analysis, is a statistical dynamic analysis dealing with the effects of a random excitation. The excitation can be a base (displacement, velocity, acceleration) or nodal (force, pressure) excitation and is assumed to be a stationary random process with zero mean value.

This advanced Webinar will provide you with the insight to implement Random Vibration in your structural engineering simulations using midas NFX.

  • 5 min


  • 50 min

    Random Analysis in Use (Speaker: Arik Braverman)

  • 5 min

    Question & Answer

  • Session 1
    Arik Braverman CadCam CEO, Mechanical Engineer
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