Project Applications

Villa Reale


Monza, Italy


Comune di Monza and the Lombardy Region

General Contractor

Restauro Nuova Villa Reale Monza



Engineering Consultant

Studio Croci & Associati

Construction Period

Completed in 1780

Restoration Period

2012 - 2014

Type of Project

Monuments / Historical Building

Main features used in this application Plastic analysis with total strain crack model

Description on this project

Empress Maria Theresa of Austria commissioned the construction of the estate between 1777 and 1780. Design and execution of necessary structural works have granted a significant seismic improvement of the whole building, thanks to the special strengthening of the walls implemented and to the consolidation/stiffening of slabs. All original surfaces have been respected, all wooden slabs have been maintained. Almost one hundred workers and restorers have been involved in the
restoration of the central body of more than 10,000㎡, with over 40 rooms, 2,000㎡ of parquet, 3,000㎡ of roofs, and 800㎡ of stone surfaces.



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Villa Reale_2




Project Contact Studio Croci & Associati
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    Viale Marco polo, 37 00154 Rome, Italy

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    The company was founded in 1985 by the activity of Prof. Giorgio Croci, and specializes itself in design and tests for civil engineering and for the architecture, with particular attention to structural and architectural design, to the diagnostics, to the consolidation and restoration of monumental structures, to the seismic protection, to the survey.

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