Project Applications

St. Peter's Square


Vatican, Italy


Vatican City State

General Contractor

Italiana Costruzioni spa – F.lli Navarra



Engineering Consultant

Studio Croci & Associati

Construction Period

1655 - 1667

Restoration Period

2009 - 2014

Type of Project


Main features used in this application Plastic analysis with finite elements

Description on this project

In the spring of 2009, the largest restoration ever undertaken of the colonnades is built in the 17th century by Bernini, occupied more than 100 conservators, scientists, and engineers using the most modern techniques. They are thus able to bring to their former glory 88 pillars, 284 columns, and 140 statues of saints surrounding the square, which forms part of the border between the Vatican and the Italian states. The Studio Croci & Associati in Rome is commissioned to design an intervention that provides for the complete demolition of the floor in question and the subsequent reconstruction of the same by means of prefabricated slabs prestressed concrete.



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St. Peters Square_375x240




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Project Contact Studio Croci & Associati
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    Viale Marco polo, 37 00154 Rome, Italy

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    The company was founded in 1985 by the activity of Prof. Giorgio Croci, and specializes itself in design and tests for civil engineering and for architecture, with particular attention to structural and architectural design, to the diagnostics, to the consolidation and restoration of monumental structures, to the seismic protection, to the survey.

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