Project Applications

Shimouma Apartment


Tokyo, Japan



General Contractor

Daiwa House Industry


KUS (Aya Utsumi, Eijiro Kosugi)

Engineering Consultant


Construction Period

2003 - 2013

Type of Project

Residential Building

Size of Structure

15.52m Height (5-story)

Main features used in this application Finite elements for meshed slabs and walls Linear dynamic analysis with response spectrum

Description on this project

It’s wood architecture in the city. The pillars of the glulam and the flat slab cover the vertical power. Also, the wood brace which covers the outer circumference burdens the horizontal load and wraps the living space softly. A common staircase of a single straw carving and a carved stone characterize this apartment house, the stairs are a place to see the city and feel the seasonal change.



shimouma apartment_2





Project Contact TEAM SAKURA
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    Yoyogi Palace 501, 2-21-10 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0053, Japan

  • Introduction

    In the TEAM SAKURA, they are designing comfortable wooden buildings, the structural design and fire protection design of wooden buildings requiring advanced technology, technology and research and development concerning structure and fire protection.

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