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San Lorenzo


Arezzo, Italy



General Contractor




Engineering Consultant

Microm Ingegneria

Construction Period

Evaluation of Existing Building

Type of Project

Religion Building

Size of Structure

13m Height (3-story)

Main features used in this application Plastic analysis with masonry material properties Finite element model for seismic safety verification of masonry building

Description on this project

The building, for its historical and constructional characteristic, is monumental and cultural interest type. Overall, it has a 1,600㎡
plant area, spreads over three levels above ground and has a total of about 13m height. The total volume is approximately 20,000㎥.


The purpose of the investigation was to:
- Determine the natural frequency of vibration of the construction site.
- Determine the natural frequency of vibration of the building in its main direction.
- Check the phenomenon of double resonance of the brick-resistance structure.
- Compare the results between obtained from vibration frequency and those from the FEM model and give an assessment of the mechanical model validation.



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    Via E. Francini, 3, 52037 Sansepolcro, Italy

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    Microm Ingegneria uses BIM software for architectural and structural design of constructive organisms. The firm specializes in BIM or Building Information Modeling which is an innovative technology that represents a new way of working where, through the use of common standards and product-oriented representations, a 3D visualization of the building is presented.

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