Project Applications

Park Place Office Tower


Yueyang, China


Shanghai Cross Ocean Property & Development

General Contractor

Shanghai Cross Ocean Property & Development

Engineering Consultant

CCTEG Chongqing Engineering

Construction Period

Completed in 2008

Type of Project

Office Building

Size of Structure

198m Height (43-story)

Main features used in this application Construction stage Implanted truss Nonlinear analysis

Description on this project

Park Place Office Tower covers an area of about 21,000㎡  from a 43-story Grade A office building, 5-story international brand and high-end leisure, the theme of shopping and shopping malls and 24-story super five-star boutique hotel composition, is expected to be completed in 2010 as a whole, I Division to provide 60 sets of Hitachi Electric (Fu) ladder. After the completion of the Shanghai area is another landmark and premier high-grade office buildings.



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    District Daping (Majiabao) two Yangtze River Road 179, Chongqing city, Yuzhong 400016, China

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    CCTEG Chongqing Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 1953. Coal Design Institute in the industry has been formed in the engineering survey, design, supervision and construction general contracting as the main body, leading to the construction, municipal, industrial and environmental protection in the industry pattern, the remarkable results were achieved in all fields.

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