Project Applications

Mari Time Museum


Lingang, China


Shanghai Harbour City Investment

General Contractor

The Shanghai Lingang New City Development


GMP Hamburg German / Gerkan Marg & Partner

Engineering Consultant

Werner Sobek

Construction Period

2005 - 2009

Type of Project

Museum Building

Size of Structure


Main features used in this application Linear static analysis with steel truss elements Steel frame design

Description on this project

The main component of the new Maritime Museum in Lingang is composed of a large-hall encompassing a volume of some 63,000㎥ and is formed by two dual-curved shell-shaped surfaces and two cable-net facades spanned between them. Designed as a two-layer steel-grid shell the framework is supported at a total of four pivoted points. The two entwined shells face in opposite directions and touch at just a single point at a height of 40m. The overall height to the extended 'wing tips' is approximately 58m. Each of the respective opaque roof areas with aluminum panel cladding incorporates a highly transparent, dual-curved, pre-stressed cable-net facade with a width of up to 24m and a surface area of 1,000㎡.



Mari Time Museum_3



Mari Time Museum_4







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    Albstraße 14, 70597 Stuttgart, Germany

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    Werner Sobek stands throughout the world for engineering, design, and sustainability. Their work is defined by premium design on the basis of high-class engineering combined with sophisticated green technologies. They work on all types of buildings and materials. Special emphasis lies on lightweight structural design, transparent facade systems, and sustainable building concepts.

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