Project Applications

Libeskind and Hadid Tower


Milan, Italy


City Life

General Contractor



Zaha Hadid and Daniel Libeskind

Engineering Consultant

Redesco Progetti

Construction Period

2014 - 2017

Type of Project

Mixed-use Building

Size of Structure

Hadid Tower: 70m Height (44-story)
Libeskind Tower: 175m Height (28-story)

Main features used in this application Construction stage analysis with creep and shrinkage Finite element model for slabs and walls

Description on this project

Hadid Tower The project is located at the intersection of several important urban axes. The sinuous profile of the rooflines repeats over the entire complex. The tower is conceived as a stack of equivalent, economically efficient floors slabs that incrementally twist about a vertical axis.
Libeskind Tower The curved tower’s facade is made of sustainable, state of the art glass, that will reflect the public space below and vistas around. Libeskind tower is personally crafted and conceived to provide a sculpted and highly visible skyline on the site.




                                                                                                 Libeskind and Hadid Tower_2




Libeskind and Hadid Tower(2)




Project Contact Redesco Progetti
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    via Gioberti 5, 20123 Milan, Italy

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    Redesco is a specialized structural engineering consultancy, whose first core was established in 1975. Merging broad vision with focused specialization, they simply design and enable outstanding structures. Also, they focus on structures, from conceptual design to site supervision.

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