Project Applications

Guangzhou Twin Tower


Guangzhou, China


Guangzhou Plan Government

General Contractor

Guangzhou Municipal Construction Group / China State Construction Engineering


Wilkinson Eyre Architects

Engineering Consultant

Arup / South China Design Institute

Construction Period

2006 - 2010

Type of Project

Mixed-use Building

Size of Structure

438m Height (103-story)

Main features used in this application Construction stage analysis with creep and shrinkage Linear dynamic analysis with response spectrum

Description on this project

It is a tower which defines the emerging international strength of China’s third largest city and serves as a landmark for Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town’s main axis, which links the commercial district in the north with the Pearl River to the south. Its elegant simplicity belies the complex geometry of form and structure which makes it possible. Each of the three façades of the curved triangular plan is also curved in section with a radius of 5.1km set out asymmetrically with the widest point at a third of the height, tapering to its narrowest point at the top. There is no spire, and the three curved façades continue up beyond the highest floor and, in some views, seem to disappear to infinity. The inside of this atrium, with its crystalline geometry, sparkles with abundant daylight.


  Guangzhou Twin Tower_4

Guangzhou Twin Tower_11



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    Room 1301, Tower A Center Plaza 161 Linhexi Road Tianhe District, Guangzhou 510620, China

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