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City Center and Hard Rock Hotel


Saint Juliens, Malta


Seabank Group


MYGG Architecture

Engineering Consultant

F&M Ingegneria / Arup

Construction Period

Under Construction

Type of Project

Mixed-use Building

Size of Structure


Main features used in this application DFX import for irregular model generation Construction stage analysis Linear time history analysis for walk vibration

Description on this project

The City Centre complex includes 3 main facilities: two residential towers, one of where located in the east side (Tower A), and the other in the north (Tower B), and a hotel (Hard Rock Hotel) that are connected together by a podium with a shopping mall and multi-level parking. The building consists of 4 main facilities with foundation at 0.5m, the podium consists of 6 floors and reaches 22.25m. At this level, the two towers and the hotel erect separately. Both towers have a circular footprint of 1,200㎡ and reach 162.85m height (35 floors), while the hotel building has a rectangular plan of 24 x 150m and it reaches 94.40m height (19 floors).


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City Center and Hard Rock Hotel


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    Via Belvedere 8/10 30035 Mirano, Italy

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    F&M Ingegneria is a leading Italian multidisciplinary practice of designers, engineers, and specialist consultant with over 35 years of experience. The firm provides a wide range of design services in infrastructural, building, environment, and project management. They work across all sectors from education and residential to transport, from arts to health and sports facilities.

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